If you’ve got an impactful life event, or even one that’s yet to come, that you’d like set into photos, “Story Boards” are for you!  It could be a painful memory that you’ve since triumphed over, or it could be a joyous accomplishment! As for a Lifestyle session, maybe you’d just like photos of your life as is, right now! Your infant, cozy at home, or your pet on your lap, or maybe photos of yourself cooking in your kitchen!  Let’s freeze these moments, and KEEP them!

There will be a base rate for each session, and that will include the session itself with shooting time up to 90 minutes, a flash drive of edited photos with KRP logo for online sharing, and a link to an online gallery of said photos, for print orders.  The flash drive of the full resolution photos, without the logo, may be purchased for a separate fee, which will include the print release.